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The Surest Way To Remove Surface Stains

What our customers say

Minerva Worktop

By Mary (via eBay store)

I have just had a cocoa brown Minerva worktop installed and there was a fine uneven white dust on the surface which I could not remove. Began to think I had made a mistake especially when my kitchen installer said it could take a year to look better. This product did the trick and left a lovely sheen on the surface. I am so pleased. It is expensive but is quite a large tin so will last some time.

The Best Yet

By Roger

Have tried various 'recommended' polishes for our worktops but have to say that the Eagle polish is by far the best. The results have been immediate with no oily residue or streaky marks. Recommended to us by the guy who polished the worktop surface. I would certainly recommend this product.

Nothing Better

By Stan

I was given a can of this when I had my kitchen fitted a few years ago. I have never found anything better.

The Best

By Joanne

I have been buying the excellent eagle solid surface cleaner for quite some time. It is the best cleaner I have used.

A Miracle

By Deborah

I avoid the cleaning rota in my house as a general rule, but I have no problem in whipping out the Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner - a miracle on both counts! I love the shine on my surface and the smell is delicious too.