In light of Boris’ announcement last night the Eagle convocation have decided to continue as we have been for the last 7 weeks…..our Offices remain closed, we are working from home and only visiting the warehouse to pack and dispatch customer orders. Whilst at home we will be continuing to stay home & stay safe, going out only when necessary. Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times and thank you for following the governments rules and helping us beat coronavirus.

Eagle Solid Surface Polish 100ml



Eagle Solid Surface Polish is an ultra fine abrasive polishing compound which removes fine scratches, stains and blemishes from your solid surface acrylic/polyester worktops to restore to like new condition without dulling. Use with either a microfibre cloth or white & grey Beartex polishing discs for those slightly deeper scratches.

Eagle Solid Surface Polish is very easy to use. Wipe down your surfaces, apply a small amount of the polish and rub into the surface in circular motions using a clean microfibre cloth then buff to a sheen using a clean cloth. If using on a more stubborn scratch or stain use a grey Beartex disc instead of the microfibre cloth to rub polish in to the surface. Wipe the surface with a clean damp cloth to remove any residue then polish with a white Beartex disc. When you’re done give your tops a quick spray of Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner to preserve the shine and build up the invisible protective layer to help prevent staining and watermarking.

Also suitable for use on granite, quartz and metals as a stain removers only.

Contains no harsh chemicals. Bleach Free. Contains Coumarin.

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