In light of Boris’ announcement last night the Eagle convocation have decided to continue as we have been for the last 7 weeks…..our Offices remain closed, we are working from home and only visiting the warehouse to pack and dispatch customer orders. Whilst at home we will be continuing to stay home & stay safe, going out only when necessary. Thank you for your continued support during these unprecedented times and thank you for following the governments rules and helping us beat coronavirus.

AZPRO Professional Foam Cleaner 500ml



Az-Pro Professional Foam Cleaner is an intense foam cleaner for use on most interior surfaces. The special mixture of alcohols, solvents and surfactants reduces the surface energy of the contamination and lifts it with ease. Suitable for use on leather, textiles and plastics for example vehicle panels, seats, cockpits and carpets; upholstered furniture and carpets in hotels, office buildings and waiting rooms.

Simply spray on, allow to penetrate then wipe away with a moist cloth.

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