Fishscale Glass Cleaning Cloths (300gsm) - Pack of 10

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Possibly the best cleaning cloths ever!

These large 40x40cm high-quality next generation fishscale cleaning cloths are the best glass cleaning cloths we have ever come across. They are more aggressive than standard weave glass cloths and have slightly higher absorption qualities.

These high-quality fishscale cleaning cloths can be used for all brightwork. They are ideal for buffing or polishing any bright surface, due to their texture they will ensure a streak free finish.

Fishscale glass cloths are a much tighter weave that traditional terry cloths. Although they clean more aggressively than a traditional glass cloth, they are still soft so will not damage any surface.

These cloths are not ideal for use on lead flashings as the lead can pull the fibres out, although this won’t damage the performance of the cloth or hinder its performance but it may age quicker.

Yarn used is 0.13 Denier 30% polyamide 70% polyester 300gsm ultra fine microfibre.