How to use Eagle Solid Surface Polish

How to use Eagle Solid Surface Polish

Corian type surfaces when newly installed look stunning, but over time they pick up fine scratches and stains.  This is where Eagle Solid Surface Polish comes in.

Eagle Solid Surface Polish has been developed by our experts to help maintain Corian & other acrylic type work surfaces - contains no harsh chemicals or bleach - and is very easy to use.

First, wipe clean the surface to be treated.  Squeeze a small amount of our ultra fine abrasive Eagle Solid Surface Polish polishing compound on to the surface.  Use a clean cotton cloth to spread and rub in to the surface using a circular motion until no residue is left then buff to a high shine using a clean cloth..

For best results finish with Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner spray. When used regularly, Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner builds up an invisible film that repels fingerprints, watermarks and stains.

If your surfaces are suffering from deeper scratches use Solid Surface Polish with our Beartex or similar white/grey polishing pads.  In the majority of cases harsh sanding is not required.  

Eagle Solid Surface Polish is available separately and features in all of our professional cleaning kits. 

Also suitable for use on granite, quartz and metals as a stain remover only.