How to Care for your Corian type Acrylic Work Surfaces

How to Care for your Corian type Acrylic Work Surfaces

There are many different brands of acrylic solid surfacing on the market - Corian, Hanex, Maia, Minerva, Mirostone, Mistral & Staron to name just a few.  With the many colour choices and visual effects, these work surfaces are stunning when they are first installed - but how do you keep them looking like new?

Solid Surface material is manufactured from a blend of synthetic resins and natural materials.  The material itself is hygienic, non porous and highly durable making it easy to maintain and repair.

Daily Care 
This is incredibly simple - wipe your work surface regularly with a damp cloth and buff with a good quality dry cloth. Our Eco Wipe 250 or Premium microfibre cloths are perfect for this. 

Minor Spillages & Stains
Due to the nature of solid surface material this is another relatively simple process.  Use a little warm soapy water, rinse well and buff dry with a dry microfibre cloth. 

Weekly Routine
Using Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner a minimum of twice a week will keep your surface looking like new for many years.

Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner prevents stains taking hold, makes liquids bead, repels fingerprints and enhances the richness of colour. Spray a small amount on to the worktop.  Rub into the surface with a clean cloth and buff to a high shine with a microfibre cloth.

Removal of fine scuffs, stains & scratches
Over time your work surface may become scratched and start to look tired or you may have had an accident and slightly damaged them. Don't worry, the beauty of all solid surface material is that it can be repaired.

All you need is our Eagle Solid Surface Mini Care & Maintenance Kit or our full Eagle Solid Surface Care & Maintenance Kit and follow the three easy steps on the instruction leaflet. 

Our fantastic Beartex micro fine (grey) and polishing (white) discs will remove any stubborn stains and fine scuff or scratches. Simply use with our ultra fine Eagle Solid Surface Polish either by hand using a sanding block or mechanically using a random orbital sander. 

Finish with a quick spray of Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner to finish to really make them stand out and look like they've just been installed. 

Expert Top Tips
Use Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner every day for the first week, this ensures that the invisible protection layer is built up to make it easier to remove spills & stains.

Always use chopping boards.  Cutting directly on the work surface will result in scratches and blunt cutting edges.

Always use trivets or stainless-steel hob bars.  Placing hot ovenware or pots & pans directly on to your work surface will result in damage through thermal shock.

Do not expose your solid surface to strong chemical & cleaners including ethylated alcohol (found in some cleaning products) as they can permanently damage the surface.  Remove any spills immediately and wash down with plenty of clean water and dry.  Use warm soapy water if needed and finish with Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.

Do not use harsh abrasive cleaning products such as CIF and Pink Stuff Paste. They can badly scratch and damage your surfaces. 

Never pour boiling water directly into a solid surface sink (including from instant boil taps). Always run some cold water in the bottom of the sink first.  This will cool the boiling water before it touches the surface, prolonging the life of the sink.