Caring for your Granite Worktops

Caring for your Granite Worktops

You've finally had the luxurious granite worktops fitted that you'd always dreamed about but how do you keep them looking their best?


This is quite possibly the most commonly asked question by our customers and you’ll be surprised how easy it is to keep them looking like new – 20 years ago maintaining granite worktops was such a chore that needed a lot of elbow grease.  These days it is so much easier and quicker to do.

First of all your worktop fitter should have sealed the work surface.  These sealers work their way into the pores between the crystals in the granite forming a barrier to prevent stains penetrating the material.  After this stage you will need four things.

Warm soapy water

Multi-surface degreaser – any non scratch one will do

Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.

Microfibre cloths


Step 1

Using a little warm soapy water wipe the surfaces down using a clean cloth – making sure the cloth you are using is only just damp.  This will remove any spills and grit etc without scratching the surface.  Dry with a microfibre cloth.  If there is any stubborn grease on the surface go to step 2 – if not move straight to step 3.

Step 2

If there is any stubborn grease on the worktop that cannot be removed during step 1, apply your multi-surface degreaser.  Follow the instructions for this cleaner and rinse with plenty of warm water. Dry immediately with a microfibre cloth.

Step 3

Once the worktops are dry, give them a quick spray with Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.  Making sure you only spray a small amount.  Rub into the surface using circular motions then buff dry with a clean microfibre cloth. Too much product on the surface will make it difficult to buff to a high gloss.  This will leave the worktops gleaming with enhanced colour.  We got this amazing mirror finish on a friends black granite island work surface. 



We always recommend using Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner everyday for the first week, this ensures that the invisible protection layer is built up to make it easier to remove spills and stains.  After this first week use as often as you like depending on your cleaning routine.



  • Always use chopping boards and trivets so that you don’t damage the granite top.
  • If you want to antibac your granite tops we recommend an alcohol sanitiser such as Azpro Professional Antibacterial Surface Sanitiser.  We recommend these types of sanitisers over other ones because of the speed they kill germs. Most generic surface sanitisers need to be left on the surface for a minimum of 5 minutes before rinsing - this can damage your worktop & sealer and the amount of water needed to rinse can result in severe watermarks.  Alcohol Surface Sanitisers work in 10-30 seconds - quickly spray & buff off leaving no lasting damage.  Always leave 15-30 minutes before re-applying Eagle Solid Surface Cleaner.